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This event finished on 14 March 2023

Argentine Tango Beginner Class: Level II

~Some tango experience required~

Starting January 17, 2023
Tuesday 7:00-8:30
The Dance Space
280 Hersey #10
$15/class, $100 for series of 8

Level 2: This class will introduce all the steps you need to become an intermediate dancer- pivots and turns and a few tricks in cross system. Don’t know what cross system is? This is the class for you! We’ll learn ochos, molinettes, ganchos, paradas, maybe a sacada, and some follower’s embellishments. These steps will take your dance beyond the front/side/back step grid and into spiraling circularity.

Prerequisite: experience with the tango embrace, walk, and basic steps. Been awhile since you danced tango, and not sure if you qualify? Let’s talk!

No partner is necessary to participate. The class structure encourages rotation between partners, but staying with one person is also optional.

Please bring shoes with smooth soles such as leather or suede, so you can slide and pivot. No street shoes on the dance floor. Socks also work fine.

Covid Etc. Guidelines: This class is for people who take precautions to avoid getting sick or passing sickness on to others. Please do not come to class if you feel even a little sick, or have been significantly exposed to someone who is. Thank you!

Pre- Registration: Interest has been high! To reserve your spot please either
-mail or put a check in my mailbox at 839 E. Main St, Ashland OR, 97520
-Venmo @Samarra-Burnett

Samarra Burnett went to her first tango class on a dare. She fell in love with the dance’s subtlety and capacity to express a vast range of inner experience. Samarra’s tango classes are relaxed, but deep, and cater to people without dance backgrounds. She is also certified to teach T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, and has a masters degree in Somatic Education.
More info: samarraburnett@gmail.com (206) 941-2291

“Every child has known God…the God who only knows 4 words…Come dance with me.”�-Hafiz