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This event is running from 13 January 2023 until 24 March 2023. It is next occurring on February 3, 2023 7:00 pm

  • Venue: The Grove
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Instructor: Clay Nelson, Nancy Heyerman

Authentic Argentine Tango is a social dance for all ages. If you can walk, you can dance Argentine tango. It is not an aerobic showy performance dance, but rather a subtle, improvisational partner dance with a close connection to your partner. In this class we will briefly introduce the history of tango and then proceed to practice simple walking steps and various patterns to the music. Eventually more complicated rhythms and patterns unique and typical for the dance will be introduced. At some point during the sessions we will invite the class to join us for an evening at one of the several tango dances (called “milonga”) which occur in the valley. Students will be asked to sign a waiver before the beginning of the course.

NOTE: This course will be taught in the gymnasium at The Grove, the Ashland Parks and Recreation facility located at 1195 East Main Street in Ashland. There will be an approximately $5 per student fee to reimburse the instructors for the cost of renting the dance space. We will not have class the week of January 27 and February 17th .

When: Friday Jan 13, 2023 – Mar 30
Where; The Grove, 1195 E Main St, Ashland
Cost: Classes are free for Olli members
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