Kyle Asher

Kyle has turned Tango into his passion in life. Constantly trying to improve himself, he offers lessons in any topic you’re interested in, but focuses on musicallity, basics, the natural movements, and being enjoyment out of the dance from all perspectives. In charge of the Ashland Community Practica, he also DJs, and writes on his own blog about his Tango Travels.


Tara Laidlaw

Tara has been a professional educator for over a decade, teaching in a wide array of disciplines from K-12 science to classical ballet. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in anthropology and dance, and a master’s degree from Hamline University in natural science and environmental education.

Dan Rossetta

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Taran Gagne

In 2012 Taran started dancing because his friends wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing Tango was. Skeptical, one day Taran said enough was enough, and went to the local college tango club class to see what all the fuss was about. It only took him the one night, and he was completely hooked on the dance. Now, he’s the one who won’t stop talking about tango, and is now the Southern Oregon Universty tango club instructor and DJ.

Taran started DJing locally because he wanted to have an even deeper appreciation and understanding of the music and the dance. As a writer, the concept of having the music over the course a milonga tell a story intrigued him, especially one that changed every night. HIs goal is always to play great traditional music to tell that story.

Clay & Nancy

Clay & Nancy believe that the basic principles for good teaching are universal and apply equally well to both engineering and dance. He also believes that no other dance can compete with the passion and intensity of Argentine Tango!

Judith & JP

Judith and Jean-Paul have been teaching many styles of Argentine Tango at the Evergreen Ballroom for nearly 10 years. They work together as a team and focus on technique, good posture and styling.

Judith and Jean-Paul are the Evergreen Ballroom’s Argentine Tango specialists. They teach and perform many styles of Argentine Tango including Vals.

Jesse & Heather

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Samarra Burnett

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